A Word from the Interviewer

I’m a blogger: An atheist rock and roll blogger.

So I don’t know what’n hell I’m doing in this situation. I’m not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything else. I just interview musicians – and not even the big ones. I usually get calls from local guys trying to take that next step.

I’m not trying to project any false modesty. I really am good at it, and I graduated a few years ago from being a big fish in a small pond to being a minnow in the ocean. People in cities across the country read my blogs, and they seem to like them. It still surprises me when I find out that my stuff has been read by someone big.

I had no frigging idea.

I’m blogging this stuff as I go along, and reporting it faithfully. Now you should go to the very beginning and read this shit. I’ll be updating it as I do more interviews.

You may not like what you read, but it’s the truth. I swear to God.

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