6. Committees

“Hang on. You mean to tell me that YOU invented shame.”

The Lord of All looked a little sheepish. “That’s right. I’m not proud of it – a little ironic, that.” He gave a small self-deprecating smile.

“You said Lucifer wasn’t created yet. When did you create him?”

“It wasn’t for quite a while. Once the universe became more populated, I was getting too busy to run things on my own. I decided to create some committees who I could delegate to. Committees really are a GREAT way to get things done!”

That last group of statements was full of items that desperately needed follow-up. I chose the one that bothered me most: “Committees. A great way to get things done. Were you on weed when you ‘noticed’ this?”

Mr. I Am considered this. “You know, I may have been, but I can’t really remember. Is it important?”

“Um … hardly at all. Probably didn’t need to ask. So you really have committees?”

“Of course. Things were just getting a little difficult for me to manage on my own, so I created special kinds of angels called ‘Managers’ to work with these committees and help get things done. You really have me to thank for the whole concept of managers and committees.”

“Hmm. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”