23. Cheater

After our traditional discussion over the standard desperate door joke I noticed The Heavenly Father was looking much better today. “Say now, Jeff, those injuries are looking much better. Didn’t use some heavenly mojo to help them along, did you?”

He looked offended, “I’ve always been a fast healer!”

“Hmm. So a new question today. Are you ready for this?”

The Shepherd leaned back on his couch. “Hit me, baby.”

“Okay. When we discussed the seventh commandment – that’s adultery – you said you had once been cheated on. I’d like to hear that story.”

“Dude, seriously? I offer you the answers to the mysteries of nature and the universe, and you want to hear a story of heartbreak?”

“I eventually want to hear it all. Today, I want to hear about the heartbreak.”

He gave a resigned shrug. “Okay, Paul. Here it is.”