30. Lonely

As I was unloading all the foul dishes from my sink that night, I couldn’t help thinking about Jeff. The poor bastard (not entirely comfortable calling him that) had created us for some companionship, but his fame had made that an impossibility.

God! These dishes stank!

I mean, I complained about loneliness ever since I left Brenda and – if I were to be honest with myself – I was lonely for a hell of a long time before leaving her too. But it had to be tough being the Lord of All.

I should really invite him over some time. He’s a good shit. We could probably have some fun. It would be good for both of us.

That’s decided then. I would invite God Almighty over for dinner and drinks the next night. It was a good idea.

I finally got everything out of the sink. That was the hard part. Now I just have to take this heavy-ass garbage bag down to the dumpster, and then go to buy new dishes.

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