37. Mom says you’re crazy

The boys and I were walking to The Folklore Centre, our favourite music store. Every weekend we would go in there and play a few instruments. The staff was cool with it, and knew us all by name now.

We were about halfway there when Richie said, “Are you really going crazy?”

Brad shot him an evil look. I responded. “Huh?”

“Mom says you’re going crazy. She says it’s because you’re in your forties.”

I had to laugh at that. “She thinks my new blog is because of a mid-life crisis? She hasn’t seen a mid-life crisis from me yet, and no matter what I do it won’t be as jarring as hers! I have an appointment with a tattoo place on Tuesday. THAT’S a mid-life crisis!”

Brad looked concerned. “You’ve always told us you regretted the tattoo you got when you were young. Why are you getting another one?”

Richie looked less concerned. “What are you getting?”

“I don’t know what I’m getting yet, but I want one. I read a quote from someone the other day that said something along the line of how our tattoos are a journal of our life events. I consider that flying electric guitar tattoo to be representative of my early twenties. Now I’m going to get something that represents where I am now.”

Brad had a slightly angry look. “You’re not allowed to tell me not to get tattoos anymore.”

I smiled gently. “Of course I am. I’m the Dad.”

Richie decided to continue his line of questioning (god knows that kid can ask questions!). “So you’re not going crazy?”

“Dude, I’ve been there for most of my life. I enjoy living in Crazytown.”