41. Nasty visit

The turtleneck and his two gorillas were back. When I opened the door, they picked me up and unceremoniously dumped me on my couch. I had a bad feeling about how their christian charity was going to play out.

“Paul, we’ve asked you nicely, numerous times. You insist on continuing with your interviews without involving the proper authority. If this behaviour continues, we will be forced to … take steps.”

Control your mouth: Don’t say anything that will make it worse. “Fuck you, little girl.”

My shin exploded with pain as one of the gorillas rapped it with a tiny club. I may have cussed again, with great passion and feeling.

“Don’t you want to do your civic duty, Paul? You are reporting some harmful mistruths. There have been repurcussions for our organization.”

“You think your god is lying to me?”

Turtleneck paused. “We think you’re not considering how to apply what you hear. You need some guidance.”

“And you’re the man to provide the guidance?”

“Heavens, no. We have specialists for this type of situation.”

“You’ve dealt with this type of situation before?”

“We’ve been prepared.”

I really didn’t want a shit-kicking. “Can I think about it?”

He smiled. “Of course. Just don’t take too long.”

He nodded to one of the gorillas, and I saw the approach of a big meaty fist.