48. Sketchy store

Richie and I were sitting around playing cards, while Brad was out roaming the city. The phone rang.

It was Brad. “Hey, Dad. I found this really cool-looking store on Rideau Street, but there are some sketchy-looking people in it, so I’m not sure if I should go in.”

Sketchy: I knew exactly where he had learned that word. She would have used it in the sense of “People we’re better than.” That just pisses me off. I remember when we first got married, I had to get her to stop using the word “Riff”, short for “Riff-raff”.

“Sketchy is our people, dude. Don’t be worried about them. What’s the store?”

“It’s called Rock Station. Looks like it has lots of t-shirts, posters, earrings – and some bongs.”

“Dude, that is totally your store. Get your arse in there.”

The phone rang a few minutes later. “Dad! This is the coolest store ever! You have to come check it out.”

I turned to Richie. “Want to go check out a cool store?”

A shrug. “Sure.”

We took a bus downtown and met Brad outside the store. This was one cool, sketchy-ass looking place. While the boys were looking around, I spotted a sign: “Tiny Tat Tuesday. Small tattoos for $60. Upstairs.”

No way! A cool store, AND it does cheap tattoos? I told the boys I’d be right back, and tried to sneak up the stairs. Richie ended up coming with me. It turns out they do piercing there as well; the piercing guy was behind the counter.

A hoop in the middle of his nose; large buttons on each side of his nose; many hoops on eyebrows, ears, lips; and he had somehow had horns installed under the skin of his forehead. I’m not really into piercings, but have seen a lot. This guy definitely is the most pierced I’ve ever seen though.

I made an appointment for a tattoo on Tuesday. “Do you know what you want done yet?”

“Nope, I’m not sure. Is it okay if I just bring it in on Tuesday.”

He was totally okay with that.

Richie and I were barely out of earshot down the stairs before he had a million questions. The fact that I was getting ANOTHER tattoo was much more interesting than the human pincushion we had just been speaking with.

By the time we got back to the main level of the store, Brad had picked out a poster, some patches, and a t-shirt he was buying. This store had something for everyone. However, I did have to answer a few questions about the bongs.