49. Next tattoo

On the following Tuesday, I showed up to get my next tattoo. I had a picture on my phone that I had found on Google Images: A treble clef with three eighth notes beside it. It looked pretty cool, and had nice balance.

The guy took a couple minutes to sketch it out on paper. It looked perfect.

Ah, the buzzing of the needle! I could use it as white noise for meditating. Hell, it practically WAS meditating. I was calm, I was focussed, I was happy. It didn’t even hurt all that much.

I had the nice man put it on the inside of my right ankle. It looked amazing!

Richie doesn’t have a phone yet, but when I got home I sent a text to Brad

Me: Just got a new tattoo.

Brad: Do I want to know what it is?

Me: It’s a naked woman riding a flaming Harley while fighting demons with a sword. Got it all across my back.

Brad: NO! You didn’t do that! Did you?

Me: Sending a picture now.

Brad: You’re an ass! I really like it. Now don’t get any more tattoos!

Me: I make no promises.

Brad: Do the three eighth notes represent you, Richie, and me?

Me: I hadn’t even thought of that, but I’m going to say “Yes”.

That’s a really cool idea. I wish I had thought of that.