53. New Year

The boys and I had just finished our New Year’s Eve taco meat supper. I’ve found that if I fry up some spicy taco meat, I can slide a few vegetables into the pan as well and they ALMOST don’t notice.

Well, let’s be honest, it gets some vegetables into me as well.

I was having a glass of wine while we were picking a movie to watch. This is never an easy process, but sometimes it sparks some good conversation. They had heard of Mad Max, and actually were united in wanting to watch it.

I’ve never watched it either, but had what I felt was an important objection. “I really don’t want Mel Gibson to get any money.”

Of course, Richie asked me why. I explained the whole “sugar tits” traffic incident to them. They agreed that they didn’t want to give Mr. Gibson any money.

Then Brad had an idea. “If we can find it on one of the free web sites, he won’t get any money, right?”

Smart kid. Mad Max it is.

It was a shitty movie. We were all asleep before midnight.